: your business, at the cost of a subscription !

One year with us!

The total costs to budget, for managing your site for one year

Real Estate :

C1 = 1500 €/y
C2 = 2000 €/y
C3 = 3000 €/y 
C4 = 5000 €/y 

These fees 
are meant to be read 
as indicative parameters  

Rental of an entire site

C1 = 2000 €/y
C2 = 3000 €/y
C3 = 4000 €/y
C4 = 7000 €/y 

 These fees 

are meant to be read 
as indicative parameters.

Tourism  :

C1 =   500 €/y 
C2 =   700 €/y 
C3 = 1000 €/y
C4 = 2000 €/y

These fees 
are meant to be read 
as indicative parameters 

F&B and Events :

C1 = 200 €/y 
C2 = 300 €/y 
C3 = 500 €/y
C4 = 800 €/y

These fees 
are meant to be read 
as indicative parameters.

Rent a sector,
or an entire site

We have grouped
the sites
into 5 value ranges,
5 clusters.

Here below are the annual rental fees of clusters 1-4 for each sector.

Cluster 5 is dedicated 
to the "unique pieces", assessed 
on a case-by-case basis.

Stay focused
on profitable work!

Tax management, contracts, deadlines, technical problems, site management, updates...

you would have to waste time and money, you would have to know any technical details, you would have to be up to date,
and you can't go wrong.

That's why a good team is always better than the best of individual champions!

All the bureaucracy, technical issues and anything that can slow down your work and affect the quality of your relationship with the territory, the online community, our guests and our clients,
all this is for us, 
to do it centrally.

Your income with us

The rental of the site is the only expense to be foreseen.

All technical costs, such as renewals, maintenance, and updating of the site, commercial and fiscal management of contracts, payments, and customer contracts are handled centrally.

You will receive 80%  of the net revenues
   that come from your contracts with your local customers.
+ 80% of the net revenues generated by internet traffic
on the site and on the blog.
+ 20% of the net revenues of all customers
    hosted on your site but generated elsewhere.

Billing will take place quarterly.

+ 100% of the revenues from the actions
 that you will carry out in favor of the customers on-site, 
   of which we will leave the total management to you.
   These actions must, in any case, be centrally approved 
   in advance and promoted on the site. 

GLocal Managers 

The global network of opportunities for GLocal people.

Home, the right place to work with us.

Whom we are looking for :

You love and know your city very well
You know how to tell it on social networks and blogs
You speak English fluently and 
you know at least one more language
You know how to manage relationships and negotiations, 
online and live

Do you want to become the most visited 
tourist office in your city?
or the international reference for its real estate offers?

We are looking for digital artists 
to create tailor-made masterpieces 
for any' city 

send us your application 

What we offer you

We offer the management for your' site,
with a two-year lease.
You don't have to know anything technical.
We will insert all the contents
and create all the pages you may need.

Choose which sectors you want to engage in,

RE: Real estate
TU : Tourist rentals
FB: Food & Beverage
AE: Activities and Events.

you can do it on your own or in a team, 
or by creating your own team,
as a full time or a part-time job,
it depends on your skills and your goals. 

We do not sell apartments, 

we make people connect !

Apartments are our bridge 

to introduce the local to the global, 

trustfully and professionally. 

Customers & Guests 

(who is who)

Our Customers are our advertisers,
those who locally offer apartments, products, or services
using our site to display them worldwide.

Our Guests are their customers,
those who visit our site 
and globally contact us from elsewhere, 
looking for an opportunity on the spot, 
those we have the task of helping 
to identify the best offer on the local market.

Our mission is 
to make our guests decide 
to come back again to our customers !

What we ask you:

We ask for two sorts of activities: 

online and offline. 

Globally - Online

 (i.e. towards our guests)

- Customize your site, 
   with your best photos and contents
- keep it up to date
- contact the guests who visit the site 
   and keep this dialogue alive
- Create and keep the blog and your social media alive !

- Meet the guests on arrival 
   and when they are experiencing your city
(this is an option, your opportunity to make the difference) 

Locally - Offline 

(i.e. with our customers, our advertisers)

You can decide to open a GLocal point open to the public in your city,
which will be agreed in its modalities,
or to work officeless, from home.

You decide how much to dedicate yourself to this activity,
and therefore how much to earn.

We ask you to have contact with every single customer
who wishes to rent a space on the site.

A direct, physical, and continuous contact over time,
to create a stable and reliable relationship.

This is one of the features that make GLocal.apartment
different from all the others.

You will have to personally know our customers and their offers
because you will be the eye and the delegate
of us and our guests on the spot,
to evaluate the quality and reliability of what we will put online.

You will be the one to evaluate if and how
to insert local customers
and we will follow your proposals
and insert the contents that you suggest.

You DO NOT have to be a qualified technician in any field.

You will manage the contacts
and we will manage the contracts with our customers,

as much as the insertion of their spaces on the site,
following your instructions 
and then returning to you the revenues, 
80% of the  net amount. 

Your commitments towards us

In addition to the annual sector or site lease,
there is a minimum annual budget required, 
to assess the ability to manage a site
and obtain its renewal when it expires*.

It starts with 10 annual contracts
with customers per banner and 10 per box,
for each activity (RE/TU/FB/AE), 
that is less than one per month.
This already ensures the profitability of your businesses.
Then, obviously, "the more the better",
since the 80% always comes back to you.

For the largest sites, 
and if you really master social networks,
you can also decide to live only from the blog
and from the revenue from its advertising: 
let's talk about it.

* please refer to the contract for more details.

GLocal : Think Globally, act Locally  ! 

Our business is GLocal, our future is GLocal, 

our guests are GLocal, our customers are GLocal.

Do you want to 
manage GLocally 
one of our Marketplaces
in a German location ?

You have to live in this region, 
and you have to love it.

You will propose to us 
the local partners to be promoted,
meeting and knowing
them and their portfolios,
personally and in advance.

Fluency in English 
and a decent knowledge 
of a third language are required,
along with a good knowledge 
of communication tools and media.

Last but not least, 
professionalism and passion.

We know we are looking 
for unique people, 
that’s why we offer 
a unique opportunity ! 

Our mission is serving
our global guests,

helping them to take the best 
from our local communities,

and helping our local providers to open to the global markets,

entering the future 
with the best of our past 
and traditions.

Our mission 
is bridging the gap 
due to the languages 

and to the fact that 
many masterpieces 
are covered by the dust 
of stereotypical clichés, 
by the lack of communication, 
and by the difficulties of tackling 
an unknown bureaucracy.

50% of the time in the Global, 
on social media, with our future guests.

50% Local, on-field, knowing partners, structures, customers, and clients.
And supporting our guests 
once they are here. 

Our goal with our guests 
is to say "welcome back!"

It means making our guests think 
of coming back for their next vacation

and having the investors contact us 
for a second bargain,
or for introducing a friend to us.

It means reliability, transparency, 
and professionalism.