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Your ads with us, rates and rules

to help you better assess the opportunity to promote with us!

Real Estate 

fares start from:
C1 = 120 €/y
C2 = 150 €/y
C3 = 200 €/y
C4 = 300 €/y

fares start from:
C1 = 300 €/y
C2 = 400 €/y
C3 = 600 €/y
C4 = 800 €/y

Any Box comes 
with 1 extra Banner
@ 1 €/month  


fares start from:
C1 =   90 €/y
C2 = 120 €/y
C3 = 150 €/y
C4 = 200 €/y

fares start from:
C1 = 240 €/y
C2 = 300 €/y
C3 = 400 €/y
C4 = 500 €/y

Any Box comes 
with 1 extra Banner
@ 1 €/month . 

F&B and Events

fares start from:
C1 =   60 €/y
C2 =   90 €/y
C3 = 120 €/y
C4 = 150 €/y

fares start from:
C1 = 180 €/y
C2 = 270 €/y
C3 = 360 €/y
C4 = 450 €/y

Any Box comes 
with 1 extra Banner
@ 1 €/month .

Banners, Boxes
or Pages.

For your exposure in our Marketplaces
we have 3 offers

  1. Banners, i.e. ads without pictures,
  2. Boxes, with pictures or videos,
  3. Pages (full or partial) to be customised.

You can rent as many banners or boxes as you want, on one or more local marketplaces.

Both banners and boxes can be customised as per your needs 
What we provide here is an average of the entry level per single offer and Cluster.

Here below are the annual rental fees of clusters 1-4 
for each sector.
You can also book your spaces on monthly basis. 

5 Clusters of value

we have grouped 
the sites 
into 5 value ranges, 
5 clusters.

Cluster 5 
is dedicated to the "unique pieces", assessed 
on a case-by-case basis.

Advertise on multiple sites 

For booking spaces
on multiple sites 
prices will be evaluated based on the volumes. : 

Visible when the web searches for you! 

We deserve your trust ! 

A marketplace at your disposal !

Smile, the entire world is watching you ! 

Book your e-shop windows 
in advance, now !

In one or more marketplaces, even everywhere.
Be the first and choose
how to display your value to the visitors !
Build up your personal corner !
We are waiting for any proposal to be discussed,
now, before the opening.
Once open, creative projects will be much more difficult
and previous agreements may force us to say "sorry!"

Don't miss the occasion! 

Would you like to have a dedicated corner in one or more location? 

When we open, 
we will display the best offers available in that specific place,  from top cities to smaller but important towns through all the country.
More than 80 specific local marketplaces are going to be open soon.

A Marketplace 
to attract your visitors

Our Project B2C

city . apartments   
this combination will select the quality of visitors, automatically and in advance, bringing  to the marketplace all the customers interested in apartments, 
whatever the reason, 
wherever their location.

Gathering here the most relevant German
anybody who  is interested in apartments in Germany, looking both for tourism  or for real estate opportunities, 
will end up here.

A Marketplace 

to boost your sales

Our Project  B2B  

People interested in visiting or moving to your city, 

  • they will also find here

       everything  related 
       to the local activities 
        in that area.

  • its best products and producers

  • in their own language
  • with a dedicated assistant

         (our GLocal Manager!)

  • before and after their arrival

You will be part of the best  targeted offer ever!

Being present on our sites
will eliminate your SEO expenses,
with the certainty that exposure is guaranteed. 

We do not sell apartments, 

we make people connect !

Apartments are our bridge 

to introduce the local to the global, 

trustfully and professionally.